Skeletal scintigraphy

In patients with prostate cancer, skeletal scintigraphy is performed to detect bone metastases.

How is a skeletal scintigraphy performed?
The radiopharmaceutical (Tc-99m MDP) is injected via an intravenous access and images are acquired using a gamma camera after three to four hours. If required, additional dynamic imaging may be performed immediately after injection (five to ten minutes), depending on the indication. For a more precise assessment, it may also be necessary to perform additional SPECT/CT examinations of certain parts of the body (e.g. pelvis).

What do I have to consider as a patient?
You do not have to be fasting for the examination. In the first hour after radiopharmaceutical injection, you should not drink anything to ensure better accumulation of the substance in the bones. After the first hour, it is important that you drink as much as possible (two to three litres) to ensure optimal image quality.

Duration of the examination: approx. 4 – 5h